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Stylish gfts for you to take home as a reminder of your visit:- Hand Made Jewellery, Coasters, Cards, Mouth watering chocolates

Do Me A Favour!!

Chocolates for Favours, Hand Made Locally

Large Box

This presentation Favour box is designed to hold either 4 or 6 hand made Truffles from our selection.

The popular combination is two white chocolate and two milk chocolate. If you prefer a dark chocolate, that isn't a problem.

6 Luxury Mixed Truffles in a presentation box: £4:50

Open Box  
This Favour box is designed to hold either one or two hand made Truffles from our selection.

Gold Favour Box:

1 Truffle: £1.00

2 Truffles: £2:00

4 Truffles: £3:00


9 Box

Gift Box of 6 Truffles: £4:50

Gift Box of 9 Truffles: £7:00

    Gift Box  

If you prefer, your choice of Truffles can be offered in this tasteful presentation bag.

The norm for this presentation is up to 8 hand made truffles mix of White Milk or Plain.

Presentation Bag

6 Truffles: £3:00

8 Truffles: £4:00

10 Truffles: £5:00


6 Truffle

Transparent Presentation Box

6 Truffles in a Transparent Presentation Box: £6:00

          Transparent Presentation Box Large  
Round Top

The Barrel Top presentation box is a popular choice for favours, and is designed to hold two Hand Made Truffles.

The box can be decorated with a piece of ribbon to match your colours, or with a Scots Thistle capturing the theme of the surroundings.

Barrel Top Box

2 Chocolates: £2:00


Transparent Presentation Box

3 truffles in a transparent box. Gold sleeve can be decorated if desired.



  Barrel Top Favour Box       Transparent Box small  
  Multi Boxes



  12 or 15 box Truffles Presentation Boxes of 12 or 15 Truffles, Mixed Flavours Top