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Sandra is based in in Dumfries South West Scotland, and has been involved in the wedding industry for over 20 years in one way or another. Throughout the years the industry has undergone change with couples looking to include something different on their special day and so she felt led in another direction within the same industry.

The decision to move into hand crafted items and chocolate making, came initally as a result of a request from a client for hand made truffles to be used as favours at their wedding, and also hand crafted jewelery for her bridesmaids.

Both the chocolates and the jewellery were extremely successful, and made her aware of a gap in the industry for a service of this nature, and so it seemed right for her to go there.

For the truffles the finest Belgian Chocolate is used, as well as sourcing local ingredients for the fillings and Ganaches.


Contact: Sandra

Tel: 01387 263738

Email: sandrajbonnar@btinternet.com

Gifts for you to take home. which include:- Hand Made Jewellery, Coasters, Cards

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